April 25, 2012

A New Textile: "Arch and Point"

 Arch and Point, hand dyed wool on linen, 12 x 10 in.

This new piece combines my shape series with volume; (you can see examples here). When I did the first pencil sketch for this work I was planning on two flat shapes, but when I added color the funny pointed shape became rounded. I hadn't been thinking of Philip Guston when I first did the sketch, but I sure did right afterwards:

Philip Guston, City Limits, 1969; oil on canvas, 6' 5" x 8' 7 1/4". (from the MoMA website)

Of course my work is a good deal more lighthearted, with none of the violent undertones of Guston's hooded figures. These are simply shapes, and any narrative allusions are very faint, such as the conversation between the curve and the point, the classicist and the bulging free spirit.

Arch and Point, detail


  1. I love Philip[ Guston and your work too.

  2. thanks, Jan!
    and Susan, the architectural reference is perfect.

  3. Well, except the right hand shape looks very alive, like a magnolia bud -- maybe I should see gothic arches as buds. I like these colors together.

  4. It's whimsy and optimistic aspect are charming! I especially love that lichen-y color of the shield shape.

    1. Thank you, Ravenna. I especially like that you see it as optimistic.