April 17, 2012

A New Textile: Triangles and Diamond

 Triangles and Diamond, hand dyed wool on linen, 10 x 10 inches.

I began the sketch for this piece, another in my pattern series, by drawing diagonal lines across a square, yielding diamond shapes. Then I drew horizontals at their meeting points and lo and behold! triangles. After adding color to the thumbnail sketch, I tacked it up on the wall to think about it. Even though the two colors were the same value across the sketch, I kept seeing a central diamond shape, so I decided to dye the two colors in slightly different values so as to subtly emphasize that central shape.

When I dyed the wool, I was expecting a burgundy red color to emerge from the pot, but when the wool came out of the rinse it was purple. Oh well, this color works too. It's just one of the ordinary surprises that makes rug hooking fun and interesting.


  1. feels like deep summer grass and shade...very satisfying. love the variations of greens & purps.

  2. Maybe because it's tax day, or the influence of random internet triangle puzzles, but I have the urge to count the triangles. I got 34, but there's probably more.
    But it's way more interesting beyond that level! Beautiful.
    Best, Kim

  3. I love the light at the center.

  4. Thanks for all the very nice comments.

  5. Beautiful - I love this. The colors are so rich and unexpected together.

  6. Wonderful variations in the dye. I confess I am more drawn to the detail than the whole. But that probably says more about my attraction to asymmetry.