April 11, 2012

A Passover Favorite: Matzoh Brie

I have favorite foods for different times of year, many determined by what is growing in the garden; in another month or so it will be all things asparagus. This week is Passover, and each year I look forward to making these delicious matzoh pancakes for lunches or supper. As you can see above, my results are not perfect, but expressively misshapen. I didn't remember what topping I preferred, so tried apple sauce and rhubarb jam; the jam won hands down (applesauce for potato pancakes). You can also make a more savory pancake by adding some grated onion. My recipe is from The Art of Jewish Cooking by Jennie Grossinger.

2 eggs
1/2 teas salt (these days I think that would be changed to 1/4 teas salt)
2 teas grated onion (optional)
2 matzohs
butter or fat for frying (I use vegetable oil)

1.Beat the eggs, salt and onion, if using, together.
2. Hold the matzohs under running water until beginning to soften; let them drain.

3. Crumble the matzohs into the egg mixture and mix well. (This photo looks golden because I was using local free range eggs which have a deep yellow, almost orange, yolk.)
4. Heat the oil or butter in a frying pan; drop the matzoh mixture into it, flattening it to about 1/2 inch thick. Cook until lightly browned on both sides.
serves 1 or 2 (I eat the whole thing)


  1. The recipe I like is to soak the matzoh in water, then when soft squeeze the water out. Mix with pignoli nuts, currents, eggs of course and I am not sure what else. I must check my recipe book - Italian. Then fry. I like to sprinkle a little sugar on the top before eating.

    1. That sounds yummy, Susan, but I love the simplicity of this recipe; I find its plainness very appealing. My mother makes matzoh brie by soaking the matzoh in milk, then draining and mixing with egg.

  2. I would love to come visit you just to be able to taste test some of these delicious sounding foods you make. Yummmm

    1. You'd be very welcome, Lisa. But you can also try any of my recipes at home...

  3. Altoon, I have never seen matzohs for sale in the groceries I go to. You speak of things I have never heard of, all so exotic. I have lived a very sheltered life. :/