September 6, 2010

Five Plus Five

Five Plus Five, hand-dyed wool on linen, 2 panels: 6 x 26 1/2 inches each

I have finished my latest rug hooking project, a two panel work that I conceived as interacting with the architecture of a house, rather than just with each other on a wall. I like the idea of them on either side of a door, acting almost like banners.

I tried hanging the pieces with the darkest shape at the top, and at the bottom. I think I prefer the dark at the top, so that the shapes seem to be fading as they fall; as they lighten they seem to float, instead of sinking, as they do when they get darker toward the bottom. I would like to hang the panels horizontally above windows, but in my old house the windows are too close to the ceiling. So I placed the panels with the squares in the available space above a wooden rail and the circles vertically below. I like this installation best.


  1. I like esp how these can be played with in different settings - as part of the setting. they could be relocated every season as a ritual...

  2. thanks for the comments, Susan and rappel. I like the idea of moving the pieces around; matter of fact, I should do that more with the art in my house to keep it alive.