September 18, 2010

Thoughts While Mowing the Lawn

I don't usually enjoy mowing the lawn, what with the noise and the smell and the emissions, but occasionally there is a day so lovely that chugging around on the lawn tractor heightens my appreciation. I see my land from a different vantage point; my thoughts are free to wander. While looking across the ferns and stone wall into my back yard, I was suddenly wonderstruck, so that I almost said it aloud: "this is my home!"

The September light, brilliant and casting long shadows, lit up every edge, found its way onto surfaces, the breeze making everything glitter. Photographs can't capture the aliveness of the light, its quick movement and intensity. While on my noisy machine, I looked about and felt utterly grateful, for the startling moments of beauty, for small pleasures, for this home.


  1. beautiful moment. & thanks for articulating it.

  2. you're very welcome, rappel. It's funny how these moments come, unbidden and unexpected.

  3. There is something about doing mundane chores, I think, that frees us for poetic insights. I love the image of the light on the rose hips. They almost look like radishes — if radishes grew on bushes.

  4. Every Thursday there is a symphony of lawn mowers in my neighborhood. I close my doors to avoid the noise. Maybe I
    should borrow the tractor and try mowing it myself one time.
    I might see the property from a different vantage point.