September 14, 2010

A New Rug Hooking Project: Pointed

When I was mulling over my next rug hooking project, thinking that I'd like to do another shaped work, I happened to read some blog posts at Steven Alexander's Journal about Brazilian art he had seen while on a trip there. The top photo is work by Luciano Figueiredo, the bottom, Manfredo de Souzanetto. These paintings, minimal yet full of verve, got me thinking: why not put two elements together, with one sticking out from the basic rectangle, engaging directly with the wall.

I did a group of thumbnail sketches, coloring 4 that I liked (the sketch of pink oval with blue is not part of this series), using very saturated colors. My idea is that the color will be intense and spirited, almost verging on the garish. The first project I'm tackling is the orange triangle on a pink ground, the point of the triangle just barely jutting out from the square.

There was a large piece of yellow dyed wool which I had never used, so I overdyed it with the same cherry color I used for the deep pink, yielding an interesting orange, which tends to magenta.

Here is the ruglet just begun, with only its outlines hooked. As I've been working on it, I'm starting to feel that I'd like this group to have something of a sculptural feel, so may cut the loops of the background shape; this will give the piece a look of low relief sculpture. I used this technique in the triptych below, so you can see how it'll turn out. I'm still not sure I'll be doing this, but once I make the decision to cut, I would have to re-hook the background if I don't like it.
....but I think it will work.

Ovals, 3 pieces, each 16 x 7 inches

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