September 29, 2010

More Autumn Color

It was a beautiful day today, mild, with enough moisture in the air to give a luxurious late summer feel to the out of doors. The color is such a delight that I can't resist doing another post on this briefest of seasons, hoping to capture some of its wonder to share with you.

My walk through the woods today was so marvelous, with golden light sparkling on leaves drifting from trees. A photograph gives only a bare hint of the almost heavenly feel of walking through this landscape.

Just three days ago, the paths through the woods were mostly brown with old leaves, and now they are colorful carpets. In some areas, there are intense scarlets from the maples, in others more subtle yellows and red-browns.

The orange of a maple leaf is echoed by some small jelly mushrooms on a downed tree trunk, the bright green of lichens adding a cool note to the composition.

And to end this post, a wide view of my house perched on its small hill, a line of sugar maples brightening the view, a glimpse of Blue Mountain in the distance.


  1. the maple leaf & jelly mushrooms looks almost like an abstract painting. delightful to see all this amazing color that actually exists in nature and not just in paint tubes!

  2. hi rappel, thanks for the comment. I agree that it's a delight to see so much vivid color in nature, cadmium reds and yellows in the trees. And I see what you mean about the leaf/mushroom photo; something in the shapes and textures recall abstraction.

  3. Your house looks charming but very vulnerable and exposed on its hill. I keep imagining storms and wind! Interesting the size of the house compared to the attached barn-like space. The second image reminded me of a woods I used to visit that I called the fern forest because of all the tall ferns interspersed among the trees. The soft tawny color is so rich.

  4. Linda, you are correct in that it is very windy up here, especially with winds coming from the west, unfortunately the prevailing direction in winter. The shed, which is very long, used to have a tiny enclosed house at its end; although the door is still there, the space inside is now open.

    As for the ferny woods, the photo give only a pale imitation of the golden colors.