February 2, 2014

A Walk in the Woods: Ice Flows

There are certain natural phenomena that occur only when particular weather conditions are met, such as snow rollers or sundogs. They are rare and marvelous. This week on my walk I saw another such unusual occurrence, a flow of ice, looking like a waterfall in miniature, frozen in time. Streams of solid water move across rock, branch, and leaf.

Beautiful small events ask for attention: a thin branch, partially covered by ice, has an extra icy halo; a weed rises, golden, from the surface.

As twigs are caught over and under ice, so are fallen leaves. A dry spot peaks out from under icicles.

The clarity of the rippled ice allows for glimpses beneath: leaves.....

....and mosses; I peer through layers to see the life beneath, jewels in a case.

On top of the ice, a tiny spider is caught. (click to enlarge photos)

This rippled wave of ice, covering all in its limited path, holding objects suspended, offers poetic metaphors, as nature often does.

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