February 3, 2014

New Hooked Wool Drawings

2014 #1, hand dyed wool and egg tempera on linen, 15 x 12 in.

When I began working up full sized drawings from my thumbnail sketches for this group of hooked wool drawings, I realized that I'd inadvertently followed a theme of rounded forms: circles, partial circles, ovals. With #1 for the new year I wanted to be a little wild with color, hence the violet and bright red.

2014 #2, hand dyed wool and egg tempera on linen, 2 panels each 16 x 7 in.

I'd planned this diptych to go the other way round, but decided I liked the horizontal oval on the bottom better. The two panels are slightly different greens, the open-oval green yellower than the hooked oval green on the left. Looking at it finished, I think I should have made the two greens more distinct in color to clarify my intention.

2014 #3, hand dyed wool and egg tempera on linen, 17 x 15 in.

Violet appears again, but here with its color opposite, yellow. Lines of imperfect circles overlap and float in an empty field, the heavier violet on top of the flattened yellow circle which is losing its top or raising its hat....a bit of a comical figure.


  1. #1 & 2 Absolutely Fab! Your greens work for me as is.

  2. It's beautiful to see the red and violet in a circle theme, and I think that one is my favorite just in terms of colors, but I also love how connective #2 is by how you have designed it.

  3. These are just delightful, I've been back to enjoy their charm!

    1. Thank you, Ravenna.
      All the positive comments are very much appreciated.