February 27, 2014

It's Still Winter; It's Still Beautiful.....

......but....After having a few mild days last week, with temperatures above freezing, which is actually normal for this time of year, we are back in the deep freeze. I have to admit to having been filled with false hope that there would be warmer days with only intermittent cold. It's not yet to be, so I have to take solace in the beauty that the cold brings: yesterday morning, a frost covered trees and shrubs, making for a glimmering landscape.

The effect was subtle and lovely, the trees softly bright in front of the clouded hill.

The sun caught the branches of this spirea, and in their contrast with the dark barn, they seem lit from within.

A bloom of frost covered the front door, brittle flowers revealing a hint of the world outside.

The morning before there was a magical sight that could only occur in winter: ice particles hovering in the air were captured in the beam of light coming from the rising sun. Fairy dust, a special gift from the genius of Winter.


  1. Ah, Altoon, you have a way of capturing those magical sights. A couple of winter's ago, I walked more and took photos marveling at its loveliness in ice formations and barren branches holding snow blankets. This year I find I am avoiding the beauty of winter, layered in layers of clothing as I keep my nose to the work of fiber and paint. Your photos tell me I am missing something....thanks for your sharing as always.

  2. Each of these photographs deserves a frame, Altoon!

    1. Thank you, Amy, but they will have to live online only.