February 15, 2010

A New Rug Hooking Project: Tilt

With this work, which will be 12 x 10 inches in size, I am back to the theme of balance, as in the ruglets Swing, and Lean. A square is tilted, touching the curve beneath and 2 outside edges, giving the appearance of being ready to tumble, yet held steady by its tight placement. When I started doing color studies for this work, I used a green for the large curved form, but then switched it to the background because I didn't want the image to look too much like a big, grass covered hill.

Last week, I pot dyed the three colors, crowded them so that the dye reached the fabric unevenly and yielded a mottled surface; I believe this adds a lot of life to the surface of the finished work. I used a color called Violet for the curved shape; it gave me a lovely pinkish color, which I varied by dropping some Yellow on it. The square was dyed with Silver Gray, which looked quite purplish to me in the pot, so I added yellow here too, purple's complement, to dull the color. The green is Silver Gray Green. All the dyes I use are Cushing's Acid Dyes. I like the color relationships that emerged from the dyepots: a slightly darker square balanced in front of a lighter green, next to a lighter but more intense violet. It will be interesting to see how these colors sort themselves out spacially once the ruglet is hooked.


  1. These colors definitely suggest springtime to me. I think they are luscious.

  2. thanks, Donna. I can see the violet as a spray of lilacs....it'll be wonderful to see them in May.