February 21, 2010

"Tilt" in Progress

I've been chugging along on Tilt, and finished the curved shape, having decided to hook it in a random pattern. I'll be doing the square in concentric lines, following the outline until the lines of hooking meet in the center. The most unusual decision that I've made is to hook the green background vertically; it would naturally seem to ask for a horizontal patterning, to go along with the implication of land and sky, so I thought I'd confound that expectation. We'll see if it works....


  1. Altton,
    have been so busy have not been able to visit...you have also been very busy it seems and had a lovely trip to visit friends and see some great things.
    all that snow is mind-boggling for me.
    You must be cheering the thaw on. What cold country you live in...
    have a lovely week Altoon!

  2. hi there, Sophie. Yes, the snow must seem overwhelming for someone from down under, but here it's a bit of a blessing, because I've always felt that with Vermont's beauty, if it didn't have tough winter weather, every hillside would be covered with housing developments, just like California.

  3. Altoon,
    thanks for your fabulous response re the Roberta Smith article which I was so pleased to hear your perspective on. It must have been quite sensational if as you say she has made such a noticable turn around speaking out as she did. No wonder people were talking about it. I kind of wondered why it was getting that reaction...does nobody ever say that in New York...or was it because ir was her?

    Your point about the winter freeze keeping the housing developments away is spot on I'm sure. I have moved to a region to be close to family where ther is a huge sprawl due to mostly amazing weather. And then the BIG houses go up and the air conditioners go on and no green living thing can be seen....!
    Smart woman!