February 10, 2010

Wild Turkeys

Here are the 4 tom (male) wild turkeys who made the tracks shown in a previous post. They seem to have made my front lawn, now sadly bare of snow, part of their daily ramble around the neighborhood. I first tried to take photos of them a few days ago, but as soon as they saw my shape at the window, they scooted off. Now they seem to be accustomed to me, so I was able to photograph them yesterday. They weren't even frightened off by Blinky the cat, who was outdoors; quite the contrary: Blinky slunk by them, seeming frightened by their large size. And they are grand birds, quite regal looking when upright, their feathers glowing with iridescent color. I once saw a male in full array––tail feathers spread, head bright blue, strutting for a mate––and it was quite a spectacle.


  1. Anonymous said...
    It's astonishing how like peacocks they are, and their behavior shows a family resemblance. Mind you, I know some homo sapiens like that...! Do they have loud cries like peacocks?

    February 13, 2010 10:47 PM

  2. impressive visitors you have Altoon!

  3. Linda, no turkeys are very quiet, except for the gobbler murmur. I'm trying to think if they have a cry when they fly off, but I don't remember one.

    and yes, they are marvelously impressive, Sophie. It's so wonderful that the population has rebounded in such large numbers.

  4. Oh, Altoon, what wonderful turkey shots! Very well done.