May 11, 2010

Blueberry Blossoms

Today the wind died down after days of bluster, and the sun came out; even though it was cool, it was a good day for yardwork: weeding and pruning, mulching and mowing. While over at the berry patch, weeding its edges, I noticed that the blueberry plants were blooming. The flowers are small––1/4 to 3/8 of an inch–– and demure, their balloon skirts opening with a delicate little flip.


  1. interesting how the blueberry flower even though it's white is so reminiscent of the berry itself - its size and that little ripple/ flounce at the edge. I haven't seen (consciously) these flowers before.

  2. Love how you have photographed the flower of the blueberry...good observation, Altoon. Isn't it a relief to be past the "bluster" and the freeze?

  3. Edible poetry indeed!
    I have never seen blueberries growing Altoon so its a delight to be offered this post to get a visual... very reminscent as rappel says of the actual fruit.
    i'm wondering if you have an abundant crop....and your preferred way to have blueberries.

  4. thanks, everyone, for your comments.
    rappel: I hadn't thought of that shape correspondence; you're so right, and now I"m doing some ruglet sketches based on that idea.
    Maggie: yes, thank goodness it seems the worst of the weather is done for now.
    Linda: lovely!
    Sophie: my high bush blueberries tend to bear most heavily every other year and this is their lighter year; last year I froze two gallons, ate lots, made two batches of jam. I love eating them fresh, in baked goods, in jam.