May 2, 2010

A New Rug Hooking Project: Lunette

When I was looking through my thumbnail sketches for a new rug hooking design, I noticed several semi-circular ideas which intrigued me. I then thought of a lunette window, a curved "little moon" sometimes seen over a classical door. Rather than making it a continuous form, I decided to make it into a diptych, so that the forms play off against each other, the space between the panels adding some tension.

My color choices were inspired by going through my big pile of left-over dyed wool and finding a nice big piece of green and a small piece of a darker blue-green, seen above on the left. I liked the closeness of color, both based on turquoise. I did the color study above after finding the wool pieces. I then added a lighter greenish blue for the oval forms. Below is the project at a beginning stage; the green is randomly hooked and the blues will follow the oval form.


  1. Love the colours and design - look forward to seeing this evolve.

  2. thanks, Pamela Anne, glad you like this beginning. There's something very appealing about blue and green: sky and grass maybe? taking us back to our grasslands roots.

  3. Mmmmm...another hooking to watch come to life. The little unfinished patch of green on the left in the bottom pic. looks like squiggely moss growing.
    I have a friend who says he wishes he could be reincarnated as an asparagus, he loves them so much. I was wondering if the unseasonal snow damaged your new garden plants, hope all survived.