May 25, 2010

More Lilacs

Lilacs are so wonderful that I wanted to stretch out the bloom season, so I planted varieties that flower later than the common lilac. At the corner of the barn is a hybrid lilac Ludwig Spaeth, which has very large spires of a deep red-purple, quite dramatic from a distance. I also have a Korean lilac Miss Kim, which blooms later in the season and has a powerful sweet fragrance.

Even though the flowers aren't as richly scented as the common variety, the swallowtail butterflies seem to love them. I watched these lovely insects float from flower to flower, sipping from their centers.

Then I noticed an amazing thing: there was a small butterfly or moth, not moving off when I came near, so I looked more closely; holding it to the spot was a brilliant lemon yellow spider, its body an illustration of how the color "lemon" calls up the sour fruit. Looking at the colors of yellow and violet and orange, I could almost overlook the story of predator and prey and sink into pure aesthetic pleasure.


  1. Beauty and horror, like light and shadow.

  2. How lovely to live in Vermont!

  3. Another wonderful example of all you can see if you are taking the time to look.

  4. hi Linda, A. and Susan, and thanks for commenting on this post. I feel lucky to be in Vermont, and to be able to observe these marvels.

  5. Fabulous shots of the lilacs! The last is amazing. Good eye, Altoon! Not everyone would have looked that closely!

    I also loved seeing the grouping of painting in placement with the ruglets. Glad I stopped in for a visit.