May 11, 2010

"Lunette" in Progress

I have finished the left panel of Lunette; you can see the study and its beginning here. I like the way the color has worked out, though maybe the blue-green oval could have been a deeper color, with less contrast. The curve of the oval is less than curved, more like angled...oh well, I don't mind this.

The season of less rug hooking is slowly easing in; during the warm months I'm less likely to want to sit and watch tv in the evening, which is when I do my hooking. I'm also less likely to enjoy having a wool object on my lap, a delight in winter. A turn of seasons brings different activities, different meals, different art making: what a pleasure!


  1. I'm really liking these forms and the colours Altoon.
    The oval is rather wonderful within the triangular quadrant. For me very satisfying shapes!
    I rather like the hessian colour and texture even though I know that will not be seen!
    Your comment about the season for hooking and wool giving way in the warmer months to other activities makes a lot of sense - those rhythms are very satisfying as well as necessary. Invention comes from necessity so often - here the absolute humidity and sometimes oppressive days require taking bookwork to the air condition state library and other such measures that turn potentially lost days into very productive ones!

  2. I like the way the "helter skelter" stitche become serried, orderly ranks, as if they moved from frantic to calmed by order.


  3. hi Sophie, glad you like this. I remember your delightful posts describing seeking respite at the library during the heat of summer.

    Deb, I love using the varied directions of hooking to get, as you describe, a feeling of hectic to calm, or all-over to geometric. Glad you like it.

  4. I will be the cretin and just say I really like all of it.