May 18, 2010

Recent Paintings on a White Wall

Paintings look quite different on a clean white wall than they do in the more informal setting of kitchen or living room. I was curious how these recent paintings would look in my large studio, so I spackled (badly) and painted a section of scuffed and pushpin-holed wall, then hung the five works in an all-over pattern. I like the way they look on white and feel that they hold the space fairly well. Matter of fact, I'd like to see them spread out in a line across the wall, each with a good amount of breathing space around it.

Below you can see the paintings on vellum hung with earlier works on gessoed panels, and above them, three multi-part hooked ruglets. The tiny paintings seem very tiny here, but they do have a enough of a physical presence to have a voice in the crowd.


  1. The wonderful fresh header and these small works on the wall are reminding me of an important ritual I used to employ to revivify my seeing ( and so need to do now) ... pulling things out and setting them up in new ways -energising the space around one.
    I am surprised about how much I can see of your essential vision in these works on this white wall - althought some are even quite tiny they
    blaze with energy... interestingly so!
    The 2 squares centre right (with blues) really draw me to them!

  2. Thanks, Sophie, for your comment. And yes, I agree that it is very helpful to see work in a new context; it takes on a different life.

  3. furthermore: it reminds me of a page from Kelly's "Tablet".
    I love the different media together, all speaking the same language in their particular ways. a whole show like this would be something I would not want to miss. it's so rich.

  4. I can repeat the "wow" rappel; thanks for the wonderfully positive feedback.