September 15, 2009

Dear Reader

Japanese Anemone

When I started this blog on August 1st, it was simply with the idea of having a presence on the web for my paintings; a website would have been too expensive and complicated so the blog format seemed to be ideal. Because my painting is not the only focus of my life, I decided to include both the garden, which provides both emotional and physical sustenance, and rug hooking, which has influenced my painting quite a lot. This range of interests is more true to the way I live, as it is for most people. Doing the blog has also called on my photography skills, which I hadn't used in a while.

I quickly became intensely engaged with writing the blog and sharing my work and garden, obsessed you might say. This is quite normal for me: I tend to jump into something new with wild enthusiasm. I've posted nearly every day, often 2 or 3 times each day. Because I want to share what I'm doing, my studio work has seemed richer and more compelling; the same is true for my ruglets. I also love the writing part of the blogging, the crafting of words. Thinking about posts has brought various ideas to mind and I've enjoyed exploring them. Including recipes was a natural sequel to talking about growing vegetables.

The reason I'm writing this now is that I'm heading into NYC tomorrow for a few days to spend the Jewish New Year with family, and see some friends and a bit of art. So I won't be posting again till Sunday or Monday. Here in northern Vermont, the color has begun to show in the trees, which means that the garden part of "Studio and Garden" will be winding down. I don't think that I'll be able to keep posting at the same pace in future, but who knows? new topics may present themselves. Winter stews perhaps?

Thank you all for looking at my images and reading my posts; it's been a great joy to me to share it all with you.

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  1. and fun for this reader also to have this stream of notations from outside urban limits. somehow I think winter will have its own subjects to keep you posting...