September 12, 2009

Tilted Ovals

I completed Tilted Ovals last night, sewing the binding and hanging loops and signing my name with embroidery thread. I'm always surprised at the richness of color and texture that rug hooking provides. I see this piece as a pendant to Cascading Squares even though it is horizontal. They both have geometric forms shifting one over another with a background of graduated color. This creates a sense of movement in space as the oval or square closer to the background color sits back, while the stronger contrast pops forward. You can see that the edges of the ruglet are very irregular, certainly not the perfect rectangle. This sometimes happens when hooking different shapes, and I consider this lack of perfection inherent in the medium, and very appealing.

I photographed the back of this work, thinking you might be interested in seeing how it's finished. The loops of wool that show on the front, are flat against the linen support on the back.


  1. I love the way this mimics brushstrokes, and the way the subtle tonal changes make the colors breathe - and thanks for the 'background' image also,

  2. the back of the rug is pleasing as well