September 15, 2009

Working on Red Cone: the Top of the Painting

I've been chugging along on this painting; I reworked the lower tire and have finished the funny "hat" at the top. I've also put several layers of paint on the top part of the cone form, and the curve shape at top right, and will see soon if they satisfy me. As I engage with this part of the painting, I realize how pleasurable the curves are––of tires and red pipe––as they swoop in different directions. It's also fun, and challenging, to use so much of the color red. It is vivid and dynamic, but can look very washed out in the lighter tones if they're not just right, so I find myself repainting areas again and again. Here egg tempera's translucency helps a lot as I layer a thin coat of darker red over a lighter one; the color then zings. Please click on the image to see the enlargement in a new window; the color is way way better there.

Posting on this blog, and getting responses, has felt like having studio visits, which is great for my spirits. I love living a rural life, but I also deeply enjoy the interaction, even if just in cyberspace. I also thought I'd mention here that as I've lived with Yellow Curve I've come to like it more and more, my concerns have been allayed.

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