September 10, 2009

A New Rug Hooking Project: Loop de Loop

Although I'm still working on Tilted Ovals I like to start thinking of a new project before the previous one is finished. This work, which will be (I think) 12 x 24 inches is inspired by a couple of blogs I've been looking at which explore abstract comics, and a conversation in comments to "A Work in Progress Now Done", a previous post. The use of varied frames to carry an abstract narrative is very appealing to me, so I did a couple of thumbnail sketches. I have hundreds of thumbnails that I go through when looking for image ideas, and I'm always doodling more of them.

When I'm figuring out color, I generally do watercolor sketches with the dye swatch book open so that I can match colors. Sometimes, though, I look through my huge pile of dyed wool scraps, finding the hues that will work together. At times, seeing surprising combinations will suggest a design. There were a lot of strong blues in the pile, which made me think that a red/yellow/blue theme would be perfect for a cartoony image. So I laid them out in the approximate composition, and tried three different reds. I'm still not sure which red I'll choose; it depends on how intense and punchy I want it to to look. I'm leaning towards very bright red, as it'll enhance the loopy gesture.


  1. cartoons are contagious. I like seeing your figuring out process - and then later the finished work. that in itself is a sequence - and what are cartoons but sequences.

  2. why not both reds? They both look good in the approximate composition. Say more of the medium red, less of the darker red. Just an idea.

  3. hmmm...interesting idea to use multiple reds; after all, I'll be using varied blues. It'll enhance the episodic look of the work.