September 5, 2009

Working on Red Cone

I've been working on my painting when not doing garden chores or just lazing about enjoying the beautiful late summer weather. After a couple of days, I've tightened up the drawing, getting all the elements relating properly. There are lots of layers of paint, pushing color closer to where it should be. As I've written before, one of the things I like most about tempera is its quick drying to the touch, enabling me to glaze some yellow and ochre where I think the red isn't warm enough. I decided to paint the light blacks above (they are old tires, which farms keep around to hold down plastic sheeting covering silage) a warmer tone than in the study; so far I like it.

As the painting nears completion, the brushmarks will be more restrained. I try to balance the energy of mark-making with a sense of volume and reality, for the important thing is the image. There something very appealing about the lively premier coup brushwork, but I have always wanted to put the object portrayed ahead of myself the artist; reticence in paint handling serves that purpose.

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