September 8, 2009

Green Tomatoes

This morning I picked a few pounds of green tomatoes, cut them up and layered them with sugar in preparation for making green tomato jam. They'll sit in the refrigerator for a day, then I'll cook them till thick with some sliced lemon. It's a jam that is similar in flavor to marmalade: a nice balance of sweet and tangy.

Cooking with green tomatoes is a September ritual; I wouldn't want to pick any fruits that might ripen before frost and this time of year it's a good bet that green will not become red. I love fried green tomatoes: they have a spicy flavor with a pleasant bite. I slice the tomatoes about 1/4 inch thick, dredge them in flour, then beaten egg, then corn meal that's been flavored with salt and pepper and perhaps some dried oregano. Then I shallow fry them slowly (so they'll soften inside) till browned. They're a delicious late summer treat.

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