October 20, 2009


Circling, 2009, hand-dyed wool on linen, 2 parts each 8 x 8 inches

The diptych ruglet formerly known as Quadrants is finished. A commenter made a suggestion on naming the piece which sparked the title Circling. Although each part of this hooked ruglet is just a quarter-circle, it alludes to the complete form. We get a sense of spin looking at the diptych, enhanced by the variation in the direction of the hooking from one piece to the next. It's fun to see the pieces in different relations one to the other, so I didn't sew loops on the back, which would fix the direction of the hanging. By putting small brads through the backing, I can hang the work any which way, creating different tensions and movements, three of which I photographed. (the lower photo is more closely cropped which is why the forms look larger)

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