October 11, 2009

Loop de Loop

Loop de Loop, 2009, 12 x 24 inches, hand-dyed wool on linen

I finished Loop de Loop, after some color changes: one of the blue squares was too light and gray, so I pulled it out and made it closer to the other blues; I felt that one red section needed to be the brighter rather than darker red. I'm pleased with how the pale yellow sits in the background and doesn't compete with the frames for attention, while still acting as a primary color. I hope that when you look at this image, your mind completes the arc of the loop, adding its missing parts, creating movement across the surface.


  1. because it has frames I'd call it a comic, but since it's a single image segmented, I wouldn't. whatever it's called though, it's a winner.

  2. I am really enjoying the little art lessons mixed in with the cooking lessons.
    It's inspiring!