October 28, 2009


Leeks are one of the late season vegetables, still coming from the garden, that are such a pleasure to eat at this time of year. My favorite way of preparing them is braising, and is very simple and quick. Use the white part of the leek, with a bit of green at the top (for some reason, my leeks are a bit green inside this year). Cut in half lengthwise and clean any dirt that may be hiding between the leaves. Place the leeks in a wide pan with some butter––I used a tablespoon for 3 leeks––a bit of salt, and barely cover with water. Bring to a boil, covered, and cook till leeks are tender; then remove cover and let water boil off, allowing leeks to lightly brown.

I ate leeks for dinner last night, along with some boiled potatoes. This may sound very ordinary, but my feeling about this meal is similar to that described in the post "A Fall Meal" in its seasonable perfection. The potato variety that I cooked is called French Fingerling, a creamy, moist, incredibly flavorful tuber that is by far the most delicious boiled potato I've ever eaten. If you've never experienced the taste of a home grown potato, you're missing something wonderful.

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