October 25, 2009

Working on Ochre and Black Stripes

When I first began work on this painting, I was concerned that I might not enjoy it, considering the amount of detail compared to the three works most recently completed. But as I've been chugging along with the work, I've adjusted to the smaller size––these panels are just six inches square––and more detailed forms. Using a smaller brush, and a more limited motion––of fingers to wrist rather than wrist to arm––I can have the same amount of play in the mark making as on a larger panel. I am so aware of the painting as an object when working on something of this size; it is not just a representation, but a small yet hefty thing.

What you see here is the painting after getting the drawing closer to correct (though the stripes on the right have to be redrawn; the curve is too exaggerated). The color I've laid down is a lighter value than it will finally be, especially in the yellows. Glazing a darker color over the light will give an illusion of light coming through the empty hose. It's a challenge to describe in paint the variety of materials and surfaces of the subject; it's a delight when I come close to achieving it.


  1. I like these two very much -- they talk to each other. And the way the light and shadow hit those ridges in the left one.

  2. Thank you, Susan. The two images come from different parts of the same machine, so they converse nicely.