October 13, 2009


I woke this morning to a white world, more usual in late November than mid October. I've never seen this much snow––about 3 inches––so early in the season in the fifteen winters that I've lived here. Blinky the cat is contemplating going out into it, trying to remember if he's ever seen anything like it.

It's really odd to see snow covering fall foliage, to see orange shining out against the white snow.

The White Ash tree in the backyard, its branches burdened with snow, has bowed towards the ground.

As the morning progresses, the wet snow has started to recede, melting and dropping from leaves and branches. It will probably be a memory by this afternoon.


  1. Love your snow picture, especially the golden orange against that grey sky. Yes, early for snow...thankfully it has backed off!

  2. Funny how forms and ideas sometimes line up.
    This bit from the NYTimes email this morning was adjacent to yours in my mailbox: "Senator Olympia J. Snowe of Maine said her vote to move health care legislation to the floor was no guarantee that she would support a final measure." Does this mean she also intends to melt by afternoon?
    I do enjoy your daily blog. So good to know other people are seriously thinking about painting!