October 8, 2009

Working on Opposing Angles

This new painting is underway as I layer on color and draw the subject more exactly. After transferring the drawing, doing an underdrawing in ink, and putting on the first layers of color, I use a ruler and pencil to measure and draw the main elements of the composition. Today I painted several coats of color to build up a solid looking surface. I'm finding that, more and more, it's essential to the resolution of the painting to have innumerable layers of paint, almost as if I were constructing the object itself.

We spoke a bit about rust in the comments on Red Cone; in this painting the rust, which is almost a complementary color to the blue/green of the painted machine, creates an important structural design of bold diagonal and horizontal.

1 comment:

  1. I like how this composition sits in its allotted space. and the color, limited/ complex.