October 15, 2009

Seeds and Berries


Burning Bush


Siberian Iris

Fall is the time for the ripening of seeds and berries, and though the weather seems a bit like winter right now, plants are working on spreading their seed. I usually deadhead perennials so that the energy of the plant won't be directed towards reproduction, but a few have such lovely seed heads that I allow them to remain. Birds, especially chickadees, are attracted to the seeds of lilac and the berries of the burning bush; from now till spring I'll see them hopping about feeding on them. And next spring, new perennials will sprout where I hadn't planted them, a reminder of the fecundity of nature, whether welcome or not.

1 comment:

  1. So much wonderful color in these photos, not brown or dull at all. I have so missed going out and seeing the nature make its passage into winter, but these help. Thanks, Altoon!