October 26, 2009

Floating Squares in Progress

I've begun work on the diptych Floating Squares and wanted to show the results of the dyeing process for this piece. My idea for the background was to have softly variegated coloration, picking up on the colors of the two squares, green and blue, with the addition of a pale yellow. In order to dye the wool this way, I scrunch it into a flat pan and drop color by the spoonful here and there; this creates a random pattern of mixed colors and values. The detail of the ruglet above shows how this fabric looks when it is hooked.

Below is the blue wool for the other square, with its background fabric. I had found a piece of light blue wool in my remnants pile that seemed perfect for this piece; when I dyed the green, I found that the blue was too clear and bright a blue so I overdyed it with a tiny amount of light orange to dull it a bit (blue and orange are color complements, so can gray each other). This worked perfectly and the green and blue squares will now be in balance.

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