August 25, 2009

The Apotheosis of Summer

Late in August in Vermont, we have extravagant days like today which are so beautiful, yet point to the end of summer. Insect song is rising to a crescendo, the sunlight is angled lower, rose hips are ripening. When I look towards my vegetable garden, it shows the height of summer fruitfulness, with tall sunflowers and corn stalks and wandering squash vines. Summer phlox and rudbeckia color the mainly leafy flower borders. But a cold front is heading this way for tomorrow, with "modified arctic air", so today I have to breath deeply of the warm air and take a delighted pleasure in it all.


  1. Not the roses only are delightful, the rose hips as well. If you have many you can catch their autumn colour in rose hip jam for cold winter days.

  2. Tatania, I attempted rose hip jam last year. I gathered 4 quarts of hips, cleaned them and cooked them. But after putting the hips through a strainer, as the recipe called for, there was next to nothing there to make jam with. Perhaps I should try without the straining?