August 27, 2009

Study for new Painting: Red Cone

The next painting on my easel will be based on this study, painted on a farm up the road in June. I loved the big sweep of red, crossed by shadow and by tubular forms, and backed by black. I did another small red and black study this summer, and my mind kept reciting "the red and the black", the title of a 19th century novel by Stendahl. In that case it was referring to the church and the military. There's no color symbolism here.

This painting will be similar in feeling to Yellow Curve in its use of a big simple form playing off some smaller elements. They are similar in format, with this painting a bit bigger at 26 by 18 inches. I don't think I'll be doing a detailed step by step with this (unless by popular demand), but will describe the process from time to time.

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  1. Popular demand sez we love the step x step Altoon! wonderful image for start!