August 6, 2009

The Long Rectangle: Ruglets

Ovals, 2008, each panel 16 x 7 inches

Boxed Circles, 2009, 10 x 24 inches
Reddish Rectangles, 2009, 7 x 21 inches

A year or so ago, I began hooking in a long narrow format. The first piece in this series, Ovals, was inspired by Robert Mangold's ellipses. I cut the loops surrounding the form to make a low relief work. I went on to do Tall Geometry pictured in an earlier post, and others. This is an intriguing shape that requires a composition that moves the eye across the surface without getting stuck. As opposed to a square or a compact rectangle, where the image strikes a more unified note, there's an element of "reading" that happens. The fact that it's a less commonly used shape adds to its interest.

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