August 13, 2009

Cascading Squares

Cascading Squares is a 20 x 10 inch work, with squares tilting and moving forward in space. The illusion comes from bigger square to smaller, but mostly using color, value and contrast: the most intense and darkest color square pops forward with its contrast to the lighter background. The smallest greenish square, although the warmest color, sits back because its value is close to that of the surrounding color.

To get the gradations of warm yellow/red in the background, I dyed the wool by dipping it into the dye pot, in and out, more on one end for a darker color. At the end of the process, I added more red hue to the pot to get a color transition in the darks in addition to a light-to-dark one. Throughout the wool was scrunched into the pot so that the color would be variegated, which I think adds life to the hooked work.

I finally finished this piece a couple of days ago (I don't work on ruglets as much in the summer heat) and am working on studies for a new one. I hope to dye wool soon and plan to post on the process.


  1. Nice piece, Altoon, the textile and the writing about the process. Yes, variation adds life to wool and to so many things, as this blog adds to my life. Thank you for posting.

  2. I look forward to seeing the dying process -- I mean the one involving wool, not death.